EXCLUSIVE – April 15, 2021: “The Who” purchased a section of the infamous Israeli “Land Grab Apartheid Wall of Hate”, as it was being torn down by Palestinians yesterday! “We wanted to show how we felt about this grotesque monument to Isr…aeli Terrorism by pissing on it! After The Berlin Wall fell, this wall became symbolic of Terrorism and Hate. Today, Israelis began the process of rejoining the human race”, shouted singer Roger Daltry, before a crowd of 100,000 cheering celebrators. In other news, the last survivor of the Israeli Terrorist attack on the USS Liberty applauded “The Who” from his hospital bed. “I’d piss on that F%)*% thing too, if I was in better health, cried Dr. Toenjes (famous for his heroic journey in 2011 on his sailboat to honor his comrades who were slaughtered by Israel in 1967).  http://www.uss-liberty.com/

“Dos Equis Spokesman Jonathan Goldsmith Will Do A Series Of Ads For AIPAC’s Faux News!” In an attempt to keep Americans from protesting against the Apartheid Terrorist Government of Israel, ZioNazis are launching an ad campaign featuring actor Jonathan Goldsmith. AIPAC’s Minister of Propaganda, Rabbi Killem Aul explained to Faux News Puppet Glenn Beck that, “We are very concerned that Americans are starting to wake up. There has been a very disturbing increase in public protests against the Ethnic Cleansing of Palestinians and AIPAC control over the US media and politicians. Our goal is to keep Americans STUPID! We thought that Mr. Goldsmith would be the perfect spokesman for this campaign, as we cannot count on anti-Democratic legislation to silence Americans forever.”

 BULLETIN: We have received a rough draft of Jonathan Goldsmith’s commercial entitled, “Stay Stupid My Friends”. Here it is: “He’s the stupidest man in America. He often cheers during Faux News’ footage of Palestinian children being slaughtered by Israelis. Once, he stayed awake for 72 hours watching Glenn Beck – without even drooling or nodding off. He campaigns for Michelle Bachmann and believes Satan is a Gay Muslim. Last year, he introduced Eric Cantor at the annual AIPAC Loyalty Bash!” After the commercial shows Goldsmith cheering in front of the TV, crying tears of joy at the AIPAC convention and hugging Michelle Bachman, the camera zooms in on his famous face as he says, in his baritone voice – “I don’t often want to look and act STUPID, but when I do, I watch Faux News. Tune in with me, and – – – Stay Stupid My Friends!!!!”

Yes folks, it’s TRUE! Mr. Peanut has been identified as a top assassin by Israel’s Mossad! Since 2000, 452 Israelis have died from allergic reactions to peanuts, while only 18 Israelis have died from Hamas rockets! My fellow Americans, I think we need to question why we are sending $8MILLION a day to Israel because of Hamas, when Mr. Peanut is the real threat!
I say, “Stop this shell game. We can show our blind loyalty to the Apartheid Terrorist government of Israel for mere peanuts!”

We’re BANKRUPT, but still send $BILLIONS to Israel – which was just named the 14th WEALTHIEST country on Earth. No jobs, schools are a JOKE, drug addiction, crime, bridges collapsing, immigration problems, etc, and on and on – ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

BUT, Backman to the rescue! That’s right folks, forget all about our country’s demise. The REAL problem is that two guys or two women might get MARRIED! Yup – THAT is what will destroy this country! So, as your unemployment runs out and we start ANOTHER war in the Middle East as Israel’s MERCENARY ARMY – not to worry! Bachmann knows the REAL issue and will deliver us from SATAN! So, vote early and vote OFTEN – we must save our country from the REAL problem that this GENIUS has identified!

AIPAC Ricky Announces Run For President

 Former Senator “AIPAC” Ricky Santorum announced that he will run for president, “saying he wants to protect American freedoms he says are under threat from President Obama.”   Really???? Let’s take a look at some legislation that AIPAC Ricky tried to implement to “protect our freedoms”. 

“The third-ranking Republican member of the U.S. Senate, conservative Rick Santorum (Pa.), plans to introduce so-called “ideological diversity” legislation that would cut federal funding for thousands of American colleges and universities if those institutions are found to be permitting professors, students and student organizations to openly criticize Israel, which Santorum considers to be an act of “anti-Semitism.”

Do I really have to add anything to that?  This AIPAC puppet sold his office and publicly threatened our freedom of speech with legislation aimed at preventing AMERICANS from criticizing the FOREIGN government of Israel!  Are you kidding me?  AND, according to AIPAC Ricky, if a professor or student said, “I think Netanyahu’s ILLEGAL settlement policies should be questioned” – THAT would be anti-Semitism!  OMG OMG OMG!  So, could a college lose funding if one of their professors or students criticized the actions of France, England, Germany (insert a country – any country will do)???? 

Do you think your freedom of speech would be protected by this AIPAC Turd?  “V For Vendetta” is NOT just a movie any more – we’re LIVING it folks!


Congress - The OTHER Occupied Territory











selling out is treason

getting re-elected is
not a reason

please tell me
how douglas feith can

roam free

when he put us in iraq

behaving like an


he ran the pentagon

always puttin’

on a show

revolving door, no i.d.

just tell them you’re

an Israeli –

bring your shopping cart

and fill it to the brim

then wind us up and tell us

kill him and him and him

when will the madness end

when will aipac leave

when will we take

our country back

where is one person

of conviction

of courage

to say the truth

how many more

must die

to build one more

ILLEGAL settlement

to kill one more


to bulldoze one more


to murder another

rachel corrie

to slaughter one more

aid worker

end this madness


BREAKING NEWS WASHINGTON, DC:  White House Spokesperson Zionista Lovah disclosed today that several members of congress had to be hospitalized last week with bleeding hands.  “Apparently, in an attempt to ensure re-election, members of congress applauded much too hard for their master/leader BoBo Netanyahu.  Doctors checked many other members of congress after they complained of ringing in their ears.  Apparently, the thunderous shouting, clapping and stomping of feet (in a battle for BoBo’s attention) was just too much for the human ear.  Blood could be seen dripping from Eric Cantor’s left ear as John Boner ran for more Kleenex.   Still others were held overnight for observation at a local hospital, after collapsing from exhaustion due to standing so long during 29 standing ovations.” 

Reports that AIPAC thugs were standing at all the exits to check the hands of congressmen to ensure they were bleeding from clapping so hard were denied by AIPAC.  However, when asked why he was wearing gloves the next day, VP Joe “I’m a Zionist” Biden simply waved off reporters and mumbled something about a rash. 

Addendum – after a 2 hour private meeting with Master BoBo, Eric Cantor was rushed to the hospital with bleeding knees.